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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  August 15, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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parents are warning parents to never use them on a counter top. parents should stop using the seats until they have put in that restraining belt. there are customers who purchased a warranty through american fidelity and they could be out of luck. the business closed up abruptly. if you did purchase a warranty with american fidelity, you can file a claim with the attorney general's office and the better business bureau. if the purchase was made with a credit card over the past 60 days, it can be disputed. a sus question hannah refer town -- sus question an na town was evacuated. >> reporter: they are removing the propane. they ordered people living in
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port deposit to leave town. >> this is a safety hazard. >> reporter: most of them understand why. >> they're lucky it didn't expose. if it as leaking, it could go up. >> reporter: the driver of the tanker apparently made a few wrong turns when he turned on route 76 descending toward port deposit when his brakes failed. he slid into one of the thomes landings condominium. >> residents had to be escorted to retrieve pets, medications. from the period of time of operations yesterday and today, the area has been secured. >> reporter: outside of
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bainbridge, marian spoke about it, leaving her father behind. >> he's very stubborn. we have two bulldogs. there want enough room in the car. he told me to take the kids and get out of here. >> at last report, the job of transforring propane -- transferring propane was just about completed. we expect to see a few storms firing in the southern third of the state. if your travels take you in that direction, realized there could be fairly strong storms, e ver thunderstorm watch for st. mary's county through dorchester south. there could be a pop-up showers -- shower. look at all the clear weather to the west marching our way. how does the rest of your thursday shape up and how about
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your weekend? it as all coming up. a shooting in downtown d.c. at a conservative groups headquarters sent people to the hospital. police say the shooter walked into the lobby just before 11:00 when the guard asked him where he was going. he opened fire. the security guard was shot in the arm and is in stable condition. the shooter has been arrested. the drew peterson trial continued in illinois. the prosecution admitted a mistake earlier in the trial. >> they like the jury hearing the admonition. s. >> peterson's attorneys also asked the judge to not allow
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evidence based on hearsay. peterson, a former police officer, is on trial for the murder of his third wife, kathleen savio. he was charged after the disappearance of his wife stacy. jerry sandusky is working on his second book. he is awaiting sentencing on 45 child 45 cut -- child abuse charges. he will not be able to make a profit. his first book a memoir entitled "touched," was published in 2001. customs at dulles busted a teenager trying to smulg marijuana in a cereal box. he hid it in a cereal box and
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packed the box in his luggage. the items were des covered when the box felt heavy. >> a train derailment sent cars into a nearby river. find out where this train jumped the track and what it was carrying. >> two planes collide on the runway. more on this towing mishap.
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a train derailment in east kansas left several cars floating in a river. about 22 cars carrying grain jumped the tracks. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the derailment. >> two private planes collided on the runway tuesday in a towing mishap. officials said a gulf stream jet was being towed on a ramp when it broke loose and collideed into a parked twin engine plane. the jet lifted the smaller plane off the ground. we've seen images of the wildfires blazing out with the
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but never like this one. a passenger snapped this one on a trip from portland to chicago. this is actually a picture of the smoke rising above a wildfire in washington state. the smoke rose from 30,000 feet in the air. dozens of fires are burning across the western states. a new service is creating ads to service you by recognizing your face, the new trend in marketing and why it worries privacy advocates. >> information for pinterest users.
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what do you think about this. a new facial recognition camera that tracks your shopping
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habits. it could be for you if you're willing to give up some of your privacy. >> reporter: you thought ads directly targeting you were pure fantasy. well, shoppers, meet minority report. a new service called face deals uses cameras set up in stores, restaurants, bars. facing recognition -- facial recognition matches up with your profile on facebook and can send you a customized offer. it uses facebook's platform. the service was developed by the marketing firm red pepper which uses this promotional video to take you through this. log into facebook. grant it, verify your likeness. >> when a face is confidently recognized, the deal is set into
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action. >> reporter: the deal is optimized. it delivers your coupons with the customized coupon to your facebook account. mark rotenberg is with the electronic privacy information. there's a surveillance camera in this store. what's wrong with doing it for marketing? >> people will find their personal information will become quickly available to the stores that they're visiting. >> reporter: what's wrong with it if they sign up? >> people will need to know how much of their personal information is being made available. it's not simply their identity. on facebook, for example, it would be their network of friends, likes, interests. a lot of that becomes available. i don't think a lot of people would agree to that. >> we're not going to be pulling all of the data not to mention
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applications that we do for retail companies around the country and all that kind of stuff. people allow apps, applications. allow this app. that is essentially saying we can have access to your network. that's a comfort line that people are moving toward as long as that information is not misused. >> that creeps me out. what does facebook think about it in the peterson said the company is not commenting. it just wants to make sure that people are making informed decisions about the apps they use. the red pepper ceo said his agency has been in contact with facebook and when the cameras are set up in stores, the names will be different. pinterest announced the creation of three new pinterest apps for android tab bets --
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tablets, smartphones and the new app would have better stability, speed and updated design. they have tried to appeal to new followers. some really cool things there. >> some people are really into pinterest, kelly, just depends on what you like to do socially online. staying on your computer all the time, that is so social. it can be. back to the topic appointment hand. the storms are to the south and noiment acting us like the ones this afternoon. had a lot of power outages. let's take a look. we see one renegade storm pop up. that's over the kent island area. moving across the bay from pape pea. commuters may get a little
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dousing. other than that, a few storms west of frederick may clip st. mary's county. a storm over the southern chesapeake may impact areas from cambridge to the salisbury area. it does appear that most of our viewing area, moss of central maryland, all the way west will be clear. there will be some storms to deal with from cambridge southward. just kind of gray, overcast and at times looking like rain but not really seeing any. in bel air, we did see a few peeks of sun. laurel relatively dry. today the grass is looking green at the laurel high school annex and a little bit of sun breaking through late in the day. 82 now. dew point 68. that's muggy. not oppressive humidity.
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still, on the muggy side. that is changing already. to the west you seat nort beginning to push in drier air. we don't have it yet on the eastern side of maryland. that dry air will continue to filter in pushing the steam bath out to sea for day or day and a half. this heat index value is gone. there will be a warm day in the upper 80s. that will hold through the first half have our friday. by friday night more humidity and showers will be in the offing. a scattered mix tonight. our trend takes us out by tomorrow morning. we're left with dry sunny conditions through the day tomorrow. friday starts out nice enough. as we go into friday evening, a new line of storms fueled by fresh humidity that will move in during the day friday. looks like another stormy scenario.
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it could get a little unsettled. we'll keep you posted. the dry front, and this is dry, clear weather across the midwest. that will come in tomorrow, make for a blue sky kind of a day around here. offshore we'll continue to watch tropical depression number eight. overnight 65, isolated storms. i think we're looking at a great thursday. friday starts out decent and hot with storms friday night lingering into early friday. look at the temps over the weekend with that fresh shot of air, low 80s. back to you, kelly. now to democracy 2012 news, mitt romney has introduced a new narrative into the race for the white house, acushion the president of pushing a campaign of hatred. tory dunnan joins us live from washington. this is a pretty serious charge from the republican candidate.
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>> reporter: kelly, it sure s the latest wave have attacks serves as another example of just how nasty this election is getting. >> what's different this year is that the president is taking things to a new low oar or mitt romney believes the obama campaign is going too far. at a rally in ohio on tuesday, he had this message for his november opponent. >> take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to chicago and let us get about rebuilding and reuniting america. >> reporter: today in an interview with cbs, help went further. >> the president seems to be running just to hang on to power. i think he will do anything in his power to get re-elected. >> reporter: the grievance had to do with an off script moment from bipedden. while attacking romney's plan. >> he will let the big banks write their own rules, unchain
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wall street. he's going to put y'all back in chains. >> reporter: the vp was speaking to a crowd that included hundreds of african-american supporters. hours later an unapologetic biden stood his ground. >> if you want to know what is outrageous -- it's his policies. >> reporter: obama's team came back and said romney's comments seemed unhinged, strange. bottom line, if anyone was looking for a civil debate this week, they probably haven't seen it. >> what is the president saying about all of this. >> reporter: kelly, he's on this campaign trip in iowa. he's trying to change the conversation back to medicare. take a look at this. >> they'd get a voucher to buy private insurance. because the voucher wouldn't keep up with costs, the plan
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authored by governor romney's running mate, congress ryan what force seniors to pay an extra 0 a yeared i assume -- year and i assume they don't have it. >> reporter: finally the romney campaign is saying it's the president's healthcare plan that's putting medicare at risk. >> thank you for that live report. speaking of the president, his new immigration policy known as the dream act went into effect today. the act will allow some undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children will be able to qualify. applicants musten ter before the age of 15, romaine for five years, have a high school diploma, be enrolled in school and no criminal record. nearly 1.8 million could be affected by the policy. >> nobody's going to get a green card out of this.
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nobody's getting a promise that we will deport you. >> maryland's dream act will be up for referendum on the november ballot. if it passes, undpowmentd immigrants could begin community colleges at instate rates if they attend high school for three or more years. those students would also be eligible for instate rates at universities after earning an associate's degree. i'm jamie costello. coming up at 6:00, last night's storm was bad enough inside but it was relly bad for drivers. >> is this cheaper to shop for back to school online? how about faster? we'll break down the difference between shopping online and your favorite stores. those stories coming up at six. here's a preview of what's ahead
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they are disney and marvel heroes, sold by nbty. the company admits its viet palestinians do not contain the knew tri yets they advertise. you can file a claim on the ftc's website. 2012 could turn out to be the costliest year ever for drivers. the average gas price is up. it's 107 cents more than the 2011 average. 2011 had been the most exnssive year ever. prices will likely continue to climb through august with no relief expected until after labor day. t be nice not to worry about gas, to wen $320
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million? that's how much the powerball jackpot has drone sense saturday. it's the fourth largest in maryland hex. it was won about six years ago. tonight's drawing is at 10:59. this brings up our facebook fan page question of the day. if you won $320 million, what would you do with the winnings? save it, spend it in bel air or give it away to charity? coming up at 6:00 we've been telling you about our back-to-school drive. we'll take a look at one company that as been working to help students in need. that's coming up at 6:00 with jamie costello which starts right now. all right. that late night special session le


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